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Founded in April 29th 1997, the Department of Automation and Systems Engineering (DAS) is part of the Technology Center (CTC) of the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC). Its faculty body houses 25 Ph.D.'s.


The Department of Automation and Systems Engineering aims to further teaching, research, and practice in the field of automation with emphasis on control, informatics, and automated systems.

Principal programs:

  • Undergraduate Program in Control and Automation Engineering (CAE), which was created at UFSC in 1990, admits 60 students a year;
  • The Graduate coursework in Control and Automation, ranked among the nation's best (received grade 5 by CAPES, maximum 7) admits about 40 graduate students yearly, 30 at the Master's and 10 at the Ph.D. level;




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