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Faculty members and research scientists affiliated to the Department of Automation and Systems Engineering (DAS) are committed to perform leading research and push the edge of technology in the fields of Control, Automation, and Computer-based Systems.

The main research topics are:

  • Controls: Systems Theory, Robust Control, Adaptive Control, Process Control, Intelligent Control, Constrained Control, Robotic Manipulation and Mobile Robotics;

  • Automation: Discrete-Event Systems and Control, Integrated Manufacturing Systems, Performance Analysis of Manufacturing Systems, Hybrid Control, Urban Traffic Control, Systems Optimization and Virtual Organizations;

  • Industrial Informatics: Distributed Computer-Based Systems, Computer Networks, Real-Time Systems, Fault Tolerance, Computer Security, Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence and Multiagent Systems.

Several research projects are conducted in collaboration with other universities, national and foreign research centers, and industrial partners in projects of technology innovation.



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